Rebecca Thomas

‘Vitamin D’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Rebecca Thomas / Model: Lola Rose / Stylist: Rebecca Thomas / Make-up Artist: Lola Rose / Location: Campbell Smith
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Rebecca Thomas ‘Vitamin D’

So much greatness coming out of Silverlake, & the latest to find its way to us is this awesome sister collaboration by Rebecca Thomas & Lola Rose.

“Me & Rosey went to LA, partly to meet LA icon Angelyne, but also to escape New Zealand winter & get some Vitamin D from the California sunshine. We stayed with an old friend in Silverlake. His house & garden are absolutely perfect; he’s a cool, calm & collected guy, who we re-named ‘Dad’. ‘Dad’ works from home so got a quick glimpse of Lola Rose’s arse while we took the photos & also had to listen to a lot of high pitched giggling.

LA encourages you to almost turn into a cliche version of yourself, me & Lola Rose both love this side of LA. We also highly recommend the burritos at ‘Tacos Delta’ in Silverlake & margaritas from almost anywhere, the Black Cat in Silverlake makes a potent one though.

We’re sisters but we almost didn’t grow up together because I lived in London & Lola Rose was still in high school back in NZ, we met properly last year when Lola Rose came to London & started stealing a lot of my designer clothing. We have a really similar sense of style & love working together, we’ve shot together for Wonderland & Polyester last.”

Featured brands: The Paper Moon, Olverita’s Village, Out The Closet Thrift Store, Perfume River, Carine, Barton Perreira, Deadly Ponies, Angeleyn, Agent Provocateur.



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