Tessa Binder

‘Vitamin D’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Tessa Binder / Starring: Dani Miller
Vitamin D: 1/16
Vitamin D: 2/16
Vitamin D: 3/16
Vitamin D: 4/16
Vitamin D: 5/16
Vitamin D: 6/16
Vitamin D: 7/16
Vitamin D: 8/16
Vitamin D: 9/16
Vitamin D: 10/16
Vitamin D: 11/16
Vitamin D: 12/16
Vitamin D: 13/16
Vitamin D: 14/16
Vitamin D: 15/16
Vitamin D: 16/16

Tessa Binder ‘Vitamin D’

You might recognise this eccentric beauty as the frontwoman of anti-fascist, anti-racism, anti-sexism, 4-piece musical outfit out of Brooklyn, SURFBORT. Or you might have seen her epic mouth close-ups on the sides of massive buildings in Gucci makeup campaigns, or being super cute on Tik-Tok or from our past Sticks & Stones shitty interviews & features. One way or another, by now for sure you recognise her.

Dani is one of those people you cannot take your eyes off. She’s high energy, highly confident & I highly doubt she gives much of a fuck about what anyone thinks. She stamps her own brand of dope on everything she touches as she navigates the creative industries by her own standards.

Today it is a pleasure to feature Dani photographed by the super talented Tessa binder in Highland Park, providing us with a good healthy dose of vitamins C & vitamin D(ani).



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