Phoebe Ball


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Phoebe Ball / Model: Lotte Cunnell / Stylist: Lucy Smith / Make-up Artist: Lucy Smith
Vivid: 1/8
Vivid: 2/8
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Vivid: 8/8

Phoebe Ball ‘Vivid’

UK photographer Phoebe Ball brings us a series inspired by her trip to Memphis, Tennessee.

“I visited Beale Street, the home of blues music & the illuminated neon signs attached to each bar & building immediately stimulated me to create a photo series. The experience was entirely sensory, with the neon lighting illuminating downtown Memphis with vivid colours. Simultaneously, blues music was heard from a plethora of bars, retaining Memphis’ strong identity as the home of blues music. Within the series, my photographs of Memphis’ architecture, are discretely hidden in the background. The influence of Beale Street’s lighting is highlighted in the experimentation of coloured lighting captured within my own work.

After my trip to the USA, I arrived back to my current city of Leeds, UK & I can not help but be influenced by my surroundings. By simply living in the North of England, I am reminded of the industrial history that was once so prominent. As a result of this, the styling within this shoot was affected by this, through the use of layering of garments, the incorporation of netting, with each looks accessorized by padlocks & extension plugs & the utilization of tactile material including leather & PVC.”

Wardrobe; Misfitz Alternative Wear, H&M, American Apparel, Topshop, vintage.



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