Anibal Vecchio

‘Waking up with Lina’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Anibal Vecchio / Model: Lina
Waking up with Lina: 1/9
Waking up with Lina: 2/9
Waking up with Lina: 3/9
Waking up with Lina: 4/9
Waking up with Lina: 5/9
Waking up with Lina: 6/9
Waking up with Lina: 7/9
Waking up with Lina: 8/9
Waking up with Lina: 9/9

Anibal Vecchio ‘Waking up with Lina’

With a musician father & psychoanalyst mother, Anibal Vecchio grew up to see people as art & allowed them to express themselves through his imagery. For his debut feature, the Argentina creative brings us a relaxed & warm series with a beautiful young actress from Buenos Aires. This is ” starring

“Lina is a beautiful & young actress from Buenos Aires. For this shooting we played that she began her day early in the morning at home, relaxed, without a routine to follow. We mix warm colors with the sensuality of your body, and let the complicity appear naturally. We listened to a lot of music and Lina, with her freshness, gave me beautiful images.”



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