Sarah Shen


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Sarah Shen / Model: Heidi Gutweiler / Stylist: Sarah Shen / HMUA: Heidi Gutweiler
Wanderer: 1/8
Wanderer: 2/8
Wanderer: 3/8
Wanderer: 4/8
Wanderer: 5/8
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Wanderer: 8/8

Sarah Shen ‘Wanderer’

Sarah Shen & her latest muse, Heidi Gutweiler met the same way everyone does, on the internet. It wasn’t long after Sarah first laid eyes on this gorgeous face that they had lined up to shoot in the Los Angeles Arts District. “It’s constantly evolving & never boring, so we set out that afternoon with the idea of embarking on an adventure rather than shooting a traditional photoshoot. The element of spontaneity brought life to our shoot & gave us some cool memories to look back on!”



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