Wardrobe: 1/10 Wardrobe: 1/10
Wardrobe: 2/10 Wardrobe: 2/10
Wardrobe: 3/10 Wardrobe: 3/10
Wardrobe: 4/10 Wardrobe: 4/10
Wardrobe: 5/10 Wardrobe: 5/10
Wardrobe: 6/10 Wardrobe: 6/10
Wardrobe: 7/10 Wardrobe: 7/10
Wardrobe: 8/10 Wardrobe: 8/10
Wardrobe: 9/10 Wardrobe: 9/10
Wardrobe: 10/10 Wardrobe: 10/10

Calvin Ma ‘Wardrobe’

Its a pleasure to introduce two more creatives up here in photographer/stylist couple, Calvin Ma & Katie Qian, with their latest fashion story.

“I witness the hard work Katie puts into pulling wardrobe for her shoots. She had pulled all these amazing clothes for her shoot on the weekend, but when she came home she told me that barely any of the clothing was used & she was extremely disappointed. So, I thought we could shoot the clothes ourselves in a flash style that we had been experimenting on together. We love working together because there’s no pressure, no constraints, & that comfortability & creativity shows in our photos. In the end, we created something we were proud of & we’re excited to see it on Sticks & Stones!”

Brands featured; Sami Miro, Kin/KRings, Bolo Tie, Vanessa Mooney, For Love & Lemons, LevisGarter – Jakimac, B-Low the Belt, Phlemuns, YRU, Manokhi, Zoo Shoo.



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