Soledad Kubat

‘Wash it’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

21 photographs.
Photographer: Soledad Kubat / Model: Moa Carbone / Stylist: Soledad Kubat / Make-up Artist: Abril
Wash it: 1/21
Wash it: 2/21
Wash it: 3/21
Wash it: 4/21
Wash it: 5/21
Wash it: 6/21
Wash it: 7/21
Wash it: 8/21
Wash it: 9/21
Wash it: 10/21
Wash it: 11/21
Wash it: 12/21
Wash it: 13/21
Wash it: 14/21
Wash it: 15/21
Wash it: 16/21
Wash it: 17/21
Wash it: 18/21
Wash it: 19/21
Wash it: 20/21
Wash it: 21/21

Soledad Kubat ‘Wash it’

Our latest stunning series to find its way to us from Argentina & our ‘Shoot of the week’ comes from new contributor, Soledad Kubat & stars Moa Carbone.

“When I was little, I found out two things; that pure love was in the sea and its inhabitants, & that I want to transmit the desires & dreams in the eyes of the people reflected in my camera. It was a passion denied by myself until three years ago, that I finally decided to do what really fills me, I want to make a living out of photography.”

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