Film Clips ‘10 things to watch on the interwebs’

Here are 10 rad things to watch on the interwebs this week;

1. All Around Losing – How to Be a Man
Here are some tips on how to be more of a man from a guy who is tryin to figure it out.

2. The Big Lez Show – Popcoin
This you tube series makes me proud to be Australian.

3. Stoya Goes Deep
This you tube series is strictly for immature audiences over the age of 18. In this episode the host, Kassem self described as a way better looking Adrien Brody, chats to Stoya. For those of you who don’t watch adult entertainment, Stoya is a famous porn star. All of Kassem’s interviews are amazing. Here’s a little taste.

4. The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate feat. Seth Rogen & Zac Efron
If you know me then I have spoken to you about ‘Workaholics’ at least once. Recently we re-watched every episode they have released so far & they only get better every time you see them. Much like this little feat they did with Seth Rogen & Zac Efron. This makes me feel so happy.

5. A Quick Chat with Russell Brand via Vice
A few weeks ago Sebastien came home with 2 copies of the same book titled ‘Revolution’ by Russell Brand, after getting hooked on his You tube show ‘The Trews‘. A copy for me & copy for him so that we could read them simultaneously poolside over the festive season. Such a beautiful idea but unfortunately so far I have only been able to read the 1st chapter for reasons Russell actually talks about in this interview with Vice. We all so fucking busy!

Watch this interview & then if you haven’t yet seen his you tube series be sure to check it out. Its fucking awesome. In his own words Russell provides his subscribers with “True news so they don’t have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge for the privilege of keeping your consciousness imprisoned in a tiny box of ignorance and lies”.

6. Fat Jew Confronts His Dad About His Dick
@Thefatjewish is my favourite account on instagram & watching him on you tube is always a good time. This is one of my favourites. The Fat Jew confronts & blames his ever so polite dad for his ever so small penis.

7. Kid President’s – 20 Things We Should Say More Often
If you are like me, work from home & have kids home with you over the school holidays, then you might have also started your day off saying something like ‘Every man for himself’, lol. It can be such an awkward time. Trying to help your kids understand that they are more important than work but there are times for work & times for play… bla bla… Well here is a You Tube channel to help baby sit your kids while teaching them some really great life lessons. How fucking kewt is this little guy!

8. St. Vincent Official Trailer
This movie looks good!

9. Thumbs Up with David Choe
I have been a fan of David Choe since I watched the ‘You’ve got to say fuck it’ film up on his ‘about’ page. If you aren’t familiar with this U.S based millionaire graffiti artist you should also click here to watch that. But for now here is David in his ‘Thumbs up’ Vice series hitchhiking across China.

10. Lil Debbie – Work The Middle
Here is a new song for your workout mix tape.


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