Music video ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

Never has a cult looked so damn good! Sign me up!

YG & Nipsey Hussle-FTD (Fuck Donald Trump)
This all goes to show that money buys anything. Fuck Donald Trump! While we are at it fuck the whole fake government system built on money, power, lies, & population control. FDT!

Popcaan-High all day
This song is relaxing as fuck. I feel high with out even smoking. Maybe I should spark one up.

George Maple-Sticks and Horses Ft Goldlink
Looks like a Sticks & Stones wet dream! Enjoy.

Everything about this video is beautiful. If I could be magically turned into a girl I would want to be Grimes.



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Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’
Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’