Music videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

Lil Yatchy Ft Burberry Perry-Wanna be us
Double denim & catchy as fuck! Simple is sometimes better.

The Underachievers-Chasing faith x Rain dance
The Nevada desert will always have a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my Vegas shotgun wedding & marrying the love of my life. Ains & I are planning a trip back to Vegas soon. This is the exact car we wanted to find! Can’t wait to get back!

HO99O9-Blood waves
Fuck Yeah! If you missed our shitty interview with these guys check it out now! Love these guys so much.

Tough as fuck! Some times you just need to hear a fuck you song & blast it at full volume in the car. That’s how I found this one.

Cynthia Morgan-Baby mama
Great song. I love the video because I feel like I’m there. It’s raw & real. Make me feel like traveling.



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Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’
Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’