Music video ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

Lil B-Finesse Em
The Struggle is fucking real. Any artist or creative person feels it. No matter how successful you are you always feel the struggle. Fuck anyone telling you that you can’t do it!

Dae Dae-Wat U Mean (Family to feed)
All social media aside, this is why I do what I do. Fuck Everything else. I work to feed my family. Life is not a popularity contest. It’s about taking care of those you love.

Adamn Killa-Ten
This song is contagious like the flu! I dare you to try not to do his dance. Everything Yung Lean touches turns to gold.

Kali Uchis-Only Girl
Oh my God! I would love to remake this video with Ains, except I’m the girl.

Lil Yatchy-1 Night
Saved the best for last! Easily my favourite video of the Year! Fuck just watch it please! My words won’t do it justice.



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Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’