Music videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via Dylan Proudfoot

This week we asked London based skater/creative, Dylan Proudfoot for 5 music videos he fucks with.

Trinidad James – All Gold Everything
This video is the ultimate in steeze. Trinidad’s 80’s pimp swag can not be matched and this video will show you. It’s got lots of gold everything, puppies, Cadillac’s, guns and gangs. But with style. What more could you ask for.

Kate Bush – Army Dreamers
The thing I love about Kate bush is that she directed, styled, choreographed and starred in all/most of her videos. And they are amazing. It took me a while to work out wether it was a set they were in or the actual woods. Either way it’s timeless and beautiful and Kate bush is a dream babe.

Paul Stephan – Gummy Riddim
Paul Stephan is an emerging grime superstar mark my word. He’s keeping it real but going hard at the same time, He’s bringing style and rawness back to the game and this video gets my hyped. Him n his crew are real and dress well always. (Note the Morley’s hat, anyone from London will know that hat kills it!)

Jamie xx – Gosh
This video is amazingly shot and surprisingly done with no cgi or special effects. It’s directed by Romain Gavras who has done a lot of other amazing music videos (M.I.A – Bad girls being another great one) and was shot in an amazing fake Paris, Chinese ghost town. Watch it and see the mesmerising beauty.

Client Liaison – End of the Earth
This one is for all you Aussie’s haha! The song it’s self I love. Synthy 80’s pop banger. The two guys in the band dress well, have a lot of style and talent to back it. The video is a tribute to everything Aussie and not just the classic vegemite, bbq’s and thongs. These guys always kill it.



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