Music videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via Nick Thomm

This week we asked Melbourne/New York based artist, Nick Thomm for 5 music videos he fucks with.

Jamie XX – Gosh
Romain Gavras kills the game. I love anyone who can dominate an aesthetic. Hard to choose his best work, but I’ll go with his most recent for Jamie XX.

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes by Kahlil Joseph
One of the better longer format clips, half film/half music video.

Woodkid – Iron
Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid) directs all the videos for his own music. I think you get a really complete picture when an artist is good enough to do that.

Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Spike Jonze for the Beastie Boys, one of the most iconic videos of all time.

Frank Ocean – Nikes
Because… Frank/Aesthetics



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