Music videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via The Beverly Chills

This music Monday we asked Australian punk duo, Twiggy & Nick of THE BEVERLY CHILLS for 5 music videos they fuck with.

Motörhead – Hellraiser
Nick – Lemmy originally wrote this song for Ozzy to sing. I’m glad that he recorded it again himself because it’s the perfect Motörhead song. @}-,–‘—- Goodbye Lemmy.
Twiggy – Rest in peace Lemmy. We will continue to raise hell to this song until the day we die.

Sepultura – Arise
Nick – Fire, demon tattoos, crucifixions & gas masks in the desert. What more could you ask for?
Twiggy – Nick headbangs so hard to this vid I’m not sure how he has even seen it.

DZ Deathrays – Shred For Summer
Twiggy – This track triggers a feeling of desolation but as it plays through I’m brought to a heightened state of hyper-confidence & it feels so good. I love the lo-fi video style for this one. The visuals compliment the song well without taking away from the groove of it, but rather adding a whole new layer of fucking sickness. Good track & good vid.

Nick – Oh wot!!!

Wax – California

Twiggy – We’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Loomis Fall a couple times, the guy is a legend.
Wax were a fucking sick band. We were introduced to this video by our good friend Ben Pier. Watch it until the end – it’s a Spike Jonze masterpiece.
Nick – Lit

Ho99o9 (Horror) – City Rejects
Nick – I was hanging out for this and it got me stoked. This is spearheading punk IMO.
Twiggy – This sega game is sick, I really like the soundtrack.



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