Music videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

Hooliganradguitar5-Take it down
Fuck I really love this video! I don’t remember how or when I found @hooliganradguitar5 on instagram but he’s got some magic happening. Get on his dick now!

Yung Lean-Afganistan
I have been listening to Yung Lean for a while now. Like him or not, he is on the pulse! I definitely fuck with him. Legalize marijuana in Australia please.

Post Malone-#Mood
This video is me when I get a night to myself & go on a you tube binge!

Big Baby-Jelly
Everything about this video is awesome! Free Gucci Mane.

Keith Ape-It G Ma 
This is proof that music transcends language. Turn it up & try not to let it take over your brain.



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Sebastien Fougere ‘5 music videos I fuck with’