Music Videos ‘5 music videos i fuck with’ Via You Tube

DeJ Loaf – Back up
“If i fuck and make you cum you gotta promise not to stress me, don’t be blowin up my phone and don’t be leaving voice messages”. Girl power. Guy power. Trans power. Queer power. Be yourself and be confident.

Yung Lean – Hoover
The jump over the tombstones is everything. I need to buy a dirt bike now please. Also a few people say i’m looking like Ryan Gosling from ‘Place beyond the pines’ so i’m ok with that.

Antwon – Jacuzzi
Everything about this makes me feel happy. Maybe it’s all the roses.  Maybe it’s the D.I.Y. aesthetic that gives me a boner.

Trashtalk – The great escape 
Because i love cartoons and Trashtalk end of story.

Ho99o9 – Deathkult disciples 
If you need a ‘fuck the system’ anthem then here you go! The government is lying to you, society is lying to you, and the world is going to shit.  It’s time to do something about it!  Start today!



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