Music video ‘5 Music videos i fuck with’ Via You Tube

ZHU x Skrillex x They – Working for it
I heard this on the radio while driving & shazamed the shit. Nothing against Skrillex but it’s not usually on my play list. Maybe I’m changing but maybe I just can appreciate the musical genius of perfectly timed hooks. Fuck it I like dance music now haha.

Doja Cat – So high
Who doesn’t like a half naked blue lady dancing in a lotus flower?! So spark one up, kick back & enjoy.

DeJ Loaf – Try Me
Still love this song! I have always & will always be inspired by rap music. The struggle to make money. The get rich or die tryin speaks to me. Doing it for your family. So step aside.

Bryson Tillers – Sorry not sorry
In keeping with the struggle till you make it theme going. You can really feel the rawness. I love the way the video was shot lofi & hifi.

Travis Scott – Mamacita   
I have been watching this video for a while now. I loved it so much that I ordered myself the same Exodus shirt that he’s wearing in the video. Since I’m bleaching & painting all my clothes, I’m about to bleach dip the shit out of it. Watch and enjoy! You’ll see that tee pop up on my instagram soon.



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Sebastien Fougere ‘5 Music videos I fuck with’