Music video ‘5 Music Videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

J Stash – Close Dat Doe
We rarely go to parties because most parties suck & are awkward af.  Not this one! Can I please come to your party J Stash. Watch & enjoy.

Speak – Tweak featuring Antwon
Got caught in a You Tube vortex & stumbled across Speak!  He is a creative force that smashes stereotypes. So unique.

Death Grips – On GP
I love this video because I thought it was a photo then realised they were deep in the chill zone. Sometimes I think we would all get a lot out of just being still & really listening to music like this!

The Garden – Egg
Yeah well ok yeah I have a crush on the twins.

M.I.A. – Matahdatah Scroll 01 “Broader than a border”
Holy shit I love this video! Ains & I have a dream about doing a shitty world tours show. India is the first stop! I can smell & taste it already! Enjoy.



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