Music video ‘5 Music videos i fuck with’ Via Youtube

Grimes – Kill v. maim
What words can I use to describe this video! Incredible, amazing, artistic, perfect, & mind blowing!  Grimes really is an art angel. Everyone one needs a girl gang / dance crew to walk around town taking care of business. Then end the day with a blood soaked orgy dance.

Polish club – Beeping
I love how simple this video is. Like moving black & white polaroids. Just heard this band on the radio on my way home from office works where i was printing off art work for a band poster collaboration. I love the energy & passion in their music.

Skepta – Shutdown
I normally don’t listen english rap but this is something special. The accent usually throws me off but he is doing it right in his own way. You can feel that in the video. His crew is so fucking loyal because he has given them something real to believe in. My friend Hamish introduced me to him the other week. He fucks with him hard & I can see why.

Popcaan – Rup Rup
I found Popcaan when I was at home high on a weed brownie on Australia day. I decided to boycot the usually Australia day festivities in honour of the first nations people around the world & paint an aboriginal rights inspired tee shirt. So in the midst of reading about survival day & invasion day i found Popcaan! His music got deep inside my soul. I actually got a vision of my next fashion style. I call it Ecuadorian cowboy that only listens to reggae. Thank you Popcaan!

Bryson Tiller – Don’t
Time to slow it down. I love this video. It’s beautifully filmed & 2:27 in makes me so happy! Spark one up or have a drink & turn it up.



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