Music Videos ‘5 music videos I fuck with’ Via You Tube

Peaches – Rub
This is definitely meant to shock people! A lot will be offended by this which is something beautiful. Art should provoke a reaction.  Maybe i’m just desensitised because i think this should be happening a lot more!  Girl power. Keep rocking that misogynistic boat!

Tame Impala – The less i know the better
Sexual tension is always sexy.  Great music video and great storytelling!  A tale about jealousy which leads perfectly into my next video pick.

Roy Woods – Jealousy
Jealousy os an ugly motherfucker!  I think we’ve all been there at one point in our lives i know i used to struggle pretty bad with it.  This video is raw and beautiful.  How the fuck have i not heard of Roy Woods until last night.  I took the bus to a friends house to get my fingers tattooed and sound him on a Soundcloud mix!

Kool & Kass – Pleasance (WDGAF)
So much life inspiration (goals) in one video.  Watch and enjoy!  Won’t be able to stand up for a while because of my inspiration boner.

Post Malone – Too Young
R.I.P. to everyone who dies too young! Love his style in this video.  Gold grills and trench coats!



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