Film clips ‘5 music videos I fuck with’

Mo – Kamikaze
Fuck, this is one of those videos that I wish I would have thought of first. Like the best fucking photo shoot of all time, in motion! The energy is real & it’s one of my new favorites. Every night out should look like this!

Grimes – Flesh without blood
This one feels like a beautiful moving painting! Probably could have been made into two or three separate videos, but fuck it’s good. Watch & enjoy.

Travis Scott – Piss on your grave
This is the perfect anthem to all the haters & bullies in your life. The video is simple & captivating. Don’t Fuck with Kanye or Travis Scott or they will murder you & piss on your grave!

Liekeli47 – Heard em say
Just heard this song while driving & love it. Then I watched the video & loved it more. Maybe she will save the balaclava from not being dying. Bring it back! Girl power!

Post Malone – white Iverson
How have I not seen this until just last week. I stumbled across it by accident & I’m sold! His voice is a sweet sweet lullaby that tucks you in at night.



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