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In recent times, female campaigns – motivational clips focused on supportive rhetoric – have become popular with advertising agencies. While the positive promotion of women is always appreciated, often these campaigns are attached to a brand & these words of wisdom we see in the swell of the advert, are generally sales & money motivated. AS A WOMAN is something different. The series interviews inspirational female New Yorkers telling their experiences of being a woman. Produced by Melbourne based production house Majella, & created by an incredible all-female crew, AS A WOMAN encourages & connects our femme community with hope, in order to inspire multiple generations of women without any objective other than to provide a platform to empower others. “We created a space for original thought & honest feeling. Our intention for the series was to genuinely provoke the strength, fire & ambition in our female communities. We hope that this series binds together our female power & provides an uplift to those who could draw from the wisdom of what these women have to say. We are all heard & we are all important.”

Director’s notes: “Continually inspired by the women I’m surrounded by back home in Melbourne, a few months in New York City was no different. With no agenda upon arriving, I began to meet other creatives & started to share the inspiration that NYC has to offer. The longer I was in New York the more challenged I was every day, not only by the surroundings, but the people. Prompted by my love of confronting difficult conversations & my own self-exploration into what it means to be “a woman”, I soon became engrossed in the idea of an explorative docu-series on contemporary feminism. I wanted to write a series interviewing inspiring & influential New Yorker’s from completely different industries & diverse backgrounds. I talked to them about their careers, life in New York & most importantly how they felt as a woman in 2020. I wanted to share it with others who may be just as invested as I am on how many shapes, sizes & perspectives exist within feminism.

In making As A Woman, I made a point of having 100% of those involved on and off camera identify as female or non-binary people, & in doing so I feel it created a safe & nurturing space throughout the entire experience. There was an amazing flow of feminine energy through pre to post-production that made this project so special. For me, this exploration solidified that as women we are a powerful & kind & through continued support  & empowerment we can truly be an unstoppable force.” -Gabrielle Pearson.

Abi is a skateboarder and skateboarding videographer/photographer, from New Jersey. Abi has featured work in Quell Skateboarding and Thrasher Magazine.

Crissa Jackson is a social media star & professional basketball player. Crissa started playing basketball when she was 7, & she achieved her dream of playing professionally when she became the 13th woman to play for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Marcelle LaBrecque is Drag Queen Marilyn Monhoe. Marilyn performs comedy, burlesque and drag competitions. Marilyn is a NYC local & has been a regular performer at Pieces Bar. Marcelle is currently working as an advocate for LGBTQIA youth experiencing homelessness & uses their passion as a musical theatre artist to reach a community they were once part of.

Melissa Sontag Broudo is an attorney and activist who has advocated for people in the sex industry for 15 years & is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Sharmus Outlaw Advocacy and Rights (SOAR) Institute in NYC.

Mindy Raf is a writer, comedy performer & musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Mindy has written for CollegeHumor, VH1, TNT, The Daily Comedy Network, & was a contributor to the My Parents Were Awesome anthology. She continues to perform stand-up & music across the country.

Nyemiah Streeter, best known as Nyemiah Supreme, is an American female rapper who is best known for her 2013 debut single “Rock & Roll”, featuring mentor Timbaland. She has also danced backup for numerous r&b acts. In 2015 she released “No Questions featuring K-Camp. She became a cast member on the Oxygen reality series Sisterhood of Hip-Hop.

Gabrielle Pearson, founder of Majella Productions, is a Melbourne based Director & filmmaker known for supporting and prioritising women in film & theatre. Her most recent writing/directing work includes stage play Waiting On You which debuted at Southbank Theatre in The Lawler, 2019, as well as short film ‘I Like You’ which was partnered with ‘Women’s March’ and is currently in the film festival circuit. Gabrielle produces a wild majority of music videos for well-known Australian Artists, as well as collaborating in numerous short & fashion films. Gabrielle was also the lead actress and Executive Producer of feature film What Goes Around which has been picked up by Bounty distribution & will be available on Amazon Prime.

Bettina is a Filipino Director of Photography, Director, Editor, and Music Producer based in NYC specialising in narrative, branded, music video, & online content creation. She is also well known as ‘Valiant Vermin’ who her recent album, ‘Singles’, radiates its own feminine energy through a distinctive bedroom pop sound infused with electronic synths. Bettina also produces & shoots all her own music videos.

Featuring: Nyemiah Supreme, Crissa Jackson, Marilyn Monhoe, Melissa Broudo, Mindy Raf & Abigail Teixeira.
Director/Producer: Gabrielle Pearson
Cinematographer: Bettina Campomanes
Gaffers: Stacia Bohnert & Naomi Saito
Assistant Camera: Chloe Ramos
Production Assistant: Molly Kent
Sound Recordist: Rachel Villegas, Mariya Chulichkova & Zhen Qin
Production Designer: Emily Steiker-Epstein
Assistant Director: Amit Lerner
Makeup Artist: Morgan Getty, Martha Jackson & Lisa Cruz
Editor: Sarah Saw
Music Composition & Sound Design: Tamara Partridge
Titles: Lucy Dellar




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