Short film ‘As we die’ Via Vimeo

Barcelona-based film director, Jordi Estrada brings us a stunning short about the last moments of a couple wrapped in memories & bewilderment, emptiness & tears. Two souls dying together, before its own end.

“When I broke up with my boy I felt devastated. A lot of feelings & thoughts were collapsing on my head & I tried to channel it as a script, a kind of reflection letter or farewell to “us”, at a time when I could not understand what was happening. I guess I was trying to put in order all the confusion & pain that invaded me. We were already separated but we were still together in some way, in our heads, while what we were as a pair was dying.

My film crew & I didn’t have a clear narrative or final form of the piece, but we knew what sensations & what atmosphere we wanted & we just went out & shot it with some friends. The goal was to put in images a feeling, a certain moment in life, when the darkness of the final moments on a couple get mixed with all the magic & naïf moments from the beginnings, in an abstract narrative that tries not to be a story or to have a temporal sense, but more as a tough, a dream, a nightmare… something that you feel but can’t explain.”



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