Short film ‘Blurred lines’ Via Vimeo

LA creative, Jesse Cilio brings us a short film dedicated to all the people who have experienced trauma & who can still get out of bed everyday & crack a smile. Written, casted, directed, shot & edited by Jesse in just one week! This is ‘Blurred lines’.

“It’s about time theses sexual predators are being put on blast in Hollywood. For what they’ve done to all the victims & then go about their normal lives without having any remorse, fuck them. Their careers & body of works will always be tarnished because they are rapists, that’s what they are categorised as, that’s who they are for the rest of their lives; sexual predators who abused their power with innocent people.

Being molested as a kid by my neighbour & then years later drugged with GHB in Hollywood & raped by a female has fucked up personal relationships for me & left me with post traumatic stress. I can’t sleep at night & I might drink too much. I never fully feel just even good about myself. I over think everything. I can’t love properly. I hurt everyday & I’m always fighting a battle because I don’t think I’m good enough.

I don’t feel this paragraph helps justify the rape culture in The United States. But I’ve been there with best friends, best girlfriends, woman I’ve loved, to help pick up the pieces while these pieces of shit get to skate away because nothing happens to them. Either the girl is too scared to say something, they might be friends with them, there are a lot of reasons, & yet this film is from a male perspective & has nothing to do with the emotional aftermath. But it’s almost a fantasy for what the male counter part goes through while they’re always there to pick up the pieces.

This film is dedicated to all the people that the world fucked over & still get out of bed every day & crack a smile. I love u & I’m with u.”

-Jesse Cilio



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