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Cherry Massia is a symbol of independent design carving its own path, a self-made brand that is rising with momentum thanks to the persistence, boldness and self-confidence of the designer; as well as the collective effort and allyship with a large and local creative scene, here in Madrid. The brand was founded in 2018 by fashion designer Irene R. Massia (b. Seville, 1995).

‘Zenith’ is the last chapter of the heroine’s journey that has been built across four collections: The Rise; The Fall; Nadir and Zenith. Between the First Iron Age and the Late Bronze Age, the mysterious Tartessos civilization appeared in the southwest Iberian Peninsula, across the Valley of Guadalquivir. The Tartessians’ origins and demise remain unknown, surrounded by myths and legends. Adding to the echo of ancient voices narrating the epic of a prosperous, warrior and merchant people; all that remains is their treasure of Carambolo found in Seville. By studying this treasure, we know they worshipped the goddess Astarté, who represents the cycle of life and death, nature, fertility, and war. The deity Astarté is the figure the Cherry Massia woman embodies in ‘Zenith’. An ode to warrior femininity, the dual power of nature as creator and destroyer and a reflection on today’s society.

In the film, this figure re-emerges through the garments, discovering within them an inner world that leads to a symbolic rebirth. The various
representations of the goddess Astarte traverse a dreamlike setting of burnt rockroses. Rockroses are pyrophilous (pyros, ‘fire’; philia, ‘friendship’), meaning they are a plant species that has an affinity with fire — its germination is favoured by it. The twilight light of dusk is an ode to Astarte, also known as the “evening star” and the warm colours and fire in the foreground signal the combustion and rebirth of the character “Cherry Massia”.

The concept of ‘Zenith’ evokes what is above. Etymologically, it would express the path over our heads. Meanwhile, the astronomical term refers to the point in the sky that appears directly above the observer. Reaching the Zenith is aspirational, it’s meeting the highest peak. The colour scheme of the collection has three main shades and a secondary one: Violet is associated with magic, femininity, wisdom and spirituality. It is a hue that evokes both calmness and strength at the same time. The colour black represents the hidden, the colour white means purity, ancient wisdom and peace and the green means hope, progress and harmony.

The FW 22/23 signature print combines abstract shapes generated through an algorithm, in collaboration with the London-based Art Director Rafa Yuste. The shapes generate a kind of artificial nature, symbolizing the intersection between the digital and the spiritual world. The project has counted on the support of Jeanologia by providing their technology in laser engraving on velvet. The technique alludes to the fate of the mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes. The result generates a contrast of glossy highlights and matte shadows standing out on side-slit skirts, fitted cut-out silhouettes, off-the-shoulder tops and adaptable garments with tied details. In addition to the pieces that make up the collection, Cherry Massia has presented a line of bags in which the handle is a weapon of self-defence.”.

A film by ACME
Directed by INRI 3721 @inri3721
Creative Direction: INRI 3721; Lébora Devy; Olivia Ferreira @inri3721 @lebora.devy @eternoretorno
Editor: Petra Muguruza @p.muguruza
Production: Cherry Massia & ACME @cherrymassia @acme.estudio
Music: Valentina Izumi & Aarts @valentinaizumi @aartsmusic_
Director of Photography: Álvaro Gómez Pidal @agomezde23
Art Direction: Camila Conigliano & Alessandro Guerrieri @camilacourquijo @guidosnaporaz
Art Assistant: Javier Montero @jav.mont
Make-Up: Lucía de la Fuente @_fab_skum_
Make-Up Assistant: Nuria de las Heras @ndlhss.fx
Hair: Corta Cabeza; Dani Zuñiga; Adrián Calle @corta_cabeza @dannizu @call_adrii
Color & VfX: Zvlo Media
Zenith artwork & 3D: Ivan Krystall @ivankrystall
Logo Cherry Massia: Marta Ochoa @mrtaochoa
Shoes: Sandra Moss @sandramossofficial
Jewelry: Ana Albert @_analbert
Talent: Sesinou Henriette; Ángela Zhang; Bendi Gonzalez; Bonss @sesinouhenriette @angelazhanglin @bendigonzalez @b0nss.png
Gaffer: Aitor Delgado @aitandelmar
Stills photographer: Sergio Pradana
Thanks to: Rafa Yuste; Marta de las Heras; Leslie Weinstein; Muñoz Tapia Family; Finca Las Jarillas @rafayuste @martaherase @leslie_weinstein



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