Music video ‘Ghostly kisses’ Via You Tube

Ghostly Kisses is the dreamy electro pop universe of Canadian singer & violinist, Margaux Sauvé, creating an ethereal sound by her airy & romantic voice, in both electronic & organic arrangements. Today it is a pleasure to premiere new music video for the critically acclaimed single “Empty Note”.

The video features the soulful lyricist caught in the whirlpool of everyday life. Propelled by her enchanting vocals, we follow this brilliant artist into the depths of her consciousness. Like a fly on the wall, we experience the loneliness that haunts the soloist, marked by the demise of real love. Often caught alone, she struggles to find her place within the new landscape.

A beautiful release from the ethereal giant, Ghostly Kisses ignites something special in this latest work. An unforgettable attempt at raw emotion, she illuminates the metamorphosis from grief to prosperity.



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