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Melbourne’s Didirri has been mesmerising people all year. His challenging & thoughtful writing, combined with on-stage charisma & relatable depth has continually won over listeners around the world. “Simultaneously heartbreaking & healing, & approaching real issues with smile & charm, Didirri is an artist with something to say.

In July Didirri is set to release his EP entitled “Measurements”. In the meantime, we asked him to provide us with 5 music videos he fucks with.

30/70 – Misrepresented
‘Misrepresented’ feels like an adult conversation about the under-representation of women. Disinterested in call out culture, 30/70 asks people to just ‘elevate’ and get on with fixing the problem.

Paul Kelly – God Told Me To
‘God told me to’ is a chilling reminder of the consequences of religious views forced into an insane mind. Stunningly shot in one direct barrel shot. Captivating.

Nitai Hershkovits – Flyin’ Bamboo Feat. MNDSGN
‘Flying Bamboo’ clearly designed for one purpose. The visualisation and auditization of beauty for the psychedelic mind. In other words, for stoners.

Jordan Clay & the Skeleton Band – Lawrence of Suburbia
‘Laurence of Suburbia’ tackles Australia’s suburbian drinking culture head on. Quite clearly stateing that flat-pack quick build housing decreases diversity in suburbian culture, causing boredom and eventually substance dependence.

Andrew Samuel – Luck Feels Good
‘Luck Feels Good’ appears as though Andrew coming is to terms with his happiness and considering whether he deserves it. A very funny display of his acting ability in its intro.



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