Film Clip ‘FKA Twigs’ Via You Tube

Last night Sebastien showed me FKA Twigs latest music video & it completely spell bound me. Her music has been described as minimalist R & B, seditious trip-hop with experimental rhythms. Whatever it is, its new & refreshing & hauntingly beautiful. I’ve never heard the word fuck sound so lovely.

FKA twigs (Tahliah Barnet) is a captivating dancer as well as an incredible musician. Maybe this has to do with the Jamaican & Spanish blood running through her limber body. Now based in Britain, she became known as Twigs for the way her joints crack. She added the FKA (Formally Known as) when another Twigs artist complained about the use of her name.

You might recognise twigs as back up dancer on Jesse J’s videos ‘Do It like a Dude’ or ‘Price Tag’. But more likely you will recognise her from I-D Magazines Aug 2012 cover pictured. If nothing else about Twigs is impressive she can spell out ‘love’ on her forehead with her hair!

This girl is about to blow up yo!


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