Cartoon series - Pilot ‘King Star King’ Via Adult Swim You Tube

Ever heard of a guy called¬†JJ Villard? He takes rad photos & makes incredible art, but what we really wanted to introduce you to is he’s extremely creative, border line pornography, cartoon acid trip series, too rude for broadcast but siting very comfortably on Adult This is one of those shows that has you constantly asking yourself “how the fuck does someone come up with this shit?” Is this guy a creative genius or is he seriously ill? His show eats boundaries for breakfast.

Jerry Beck describes it perfectly in his review for indie wire; “To some, this series will be quickly dismissed as mindless, scatological junk. Others will be turned on by the unrelenting sex, gore & pop-art references. Think Jack Kirby meets Rory Hayes, Big Daddy Roth, Peter Max, He-man, Yellow Submarine & Ralph Bakshi. Mix them all together and take LSD. That’s King Star King”.



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