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Marin Troude presents his new short film entitled ‘Lost In Carranza’, which premiered at the 2019 American Documentary Film Festival. It has since garnered 16 nominations & 4 awards from around the world. The film follows Pablo Carranza after he falls back into hard drugs despite his sobriety & battle against years of addiction. Alone in his apartment, filled with regret & guilt, he decides to confess by leaving a final voice message for his first love.

“This film, true to life, depicts the story of Pablo Carranza, a young skater from the ghetto, lost & cut off from a system where everything goes too fast for the most vulnerable of us. Struggling in life & prisoner of his own environment, we follow him finding refuge in solitude, religion & hard drugs, anything that could give him the strength to face the harshness of a relentless daily struggle.

Through this story of addiction, we wanted to talk about how drugs can affect our dreams, hopes, career or our relationship with others. But unfortunately, every shot in this film is true. Pablo has really fallen back into hard drugs in real life during the shooting & it has been very complicated to finish it thereafter. Today, Pablo is sober & now the time has come to let go of the film. I hope it resonates with you & ultimately brings you joy & hope.”

Directed by Marin Troude
Starring Pablo Carranza
Produced by Hell It’s Paradise, Born Wild Agency, Bon Enfant Production
Supported by AV Superfly SF
Distributed by Enibas Distribution
Screenwriter : Marin Troude
Script supervisor : Shannon Santana
Director of photography : Marin Troude
Editing : Marin Troude
Sound mixing : Jim Calamel, PO Gautier
Color grading : Martin Pierret
Subtitles : Julie Coulon
Official film poster : Josephine Peters, Luca Werner
DCP : Media Solution



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