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It is a pleasure to premiere ‘New Life’ music video, a feast for the eyes from synth-pop artist Dräger starring himself with his girlfriend & past S&S contributor, Kirra Hughes.

“‘New Life’ is an unabashed synth-pop banger about moving on & growing from heartbreak. Though very modern in production, it could also fit nicely in a John Hughes film or in a montage of some classic 80’s cult classic. This will be my first song of the decade & I wanted to make something positive to start the year while also providing something for those going through a breakup, especially during the polarizing holiday of Valentines Day.

The video is kind of a tip of the hat to Weird Science & just as the song itself gave off retro vibes I wanted to make the video simpatico. I’ve always believed the past dictates the future & that being said the story of finding your lover from a computer felt purely relevant. Themes of the 80’s have lately seemed more & more ubiquitous in all facets of entertainment & in most of my music there are sounds of the past to help talk about the future.

This was actually only the second video I ever created but it was the first time I ever collaborated artistically with a girlfriend on anything in my life. Kirra inspired so many of the scenes with her set designs & wardrobe styling, etc & she made so many of the shots I wanted to come to life. It’s interesting to see how relationships evolve when you share the same vision artistically. Since we decided to move in together in December, with only a little over a month of living together, I had started building a video studio in conjunction with my recording studio. I couldn’t have managed this video if she hadn’t moved in. I’ve always been very controlling of my own aesthetic & sound & haven’t found anyone in the world I can share the reigns creatively with until making this music video for “New Life.” You know it’s real when you spend 24/7 5 days in a row in a tiny room & still fall asleep feeling like it was the night you met.”



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