Music Video ‘PART II – NO ONE KNOWS’ Via Youtube

‘No One Knows’ is the second instalment & sequel to Dräger’s Part I: ‘The Villain You Need‘. The cinematic landscape of this epic two-part series starts off with an ethos similar to Sin City for Part I’s ‘The Villain You Need’ to then evolving into a more film-noir, gothic aesthetic for Part II’s ‘No One Knows’.

Written, directed, edited & produced by Dräger himself, No One Knows is a revenge tale with the protagonist, known as the “Elusive Man,” being left for dead & using his last few breaths to get his lover, the “Lady In Red,” back from the flamboyant crime boss known as “The Masked Man.” Ironically, the Masked Man was originally the charismatic hero of Part I after rescuing the Lady In Red from a rival gang leader. However, in this second video, the full story comes to a finale with a new hero back for vengeance.

Written, Directed, Produced, & Edited By Dräger
Assistant Director and Hair & Make Up By Kirra Hughes
Director of Photography By Jason Augustine
Wardrobe Styling By Alexander Thompson
Grip By Scott Kaplan

Starring Dräger, Rochee, Kirra Hughes & Atilla Ural.



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