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‘Watch of the week / The Beach Bum’ Via YouTube

by: Ainsley Hutchence


Movie Trailer ‘Watch of the week / The Beach Bum’ Via YouTube

THE BEACH BUM is the latest film from director & writer, Harmony Korine now available to watch on Netflix. The film follows the colourfully chaotic life of Moon Dog, a famous writer & poet who has fallen from the spotlight. Played by Matthew McConaughey, Moon Dog never appears to let any situation get the better of his sunny disposition. Set in Miami, Moon Dog personifies tropical Florida from his incredible patterned matching ensembles to his charismatic & often prophetic personality. ‘The Beach Bum’ is peppered with vibrant degenerates, that in true Harmony Korine fashion exude beauty & depravity. This movie will make you laugh & cry & will move you in ways you never thought alcoholism & a flame shirt/shorts combo at a wedding could. We highly recommend you watch it! The perfect cure for a mild hangover 🙂



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