Film Clip ‘We dancin in Go Dreamer’s latest video’ Via You Tube

Sooooo, I’m still tryin to remember exactly how this happened…

Late last year Go Dreamer (weerdo in the best kinda way, super rad psychedelic Atlanta based rapper) spotted an instagram video we posted staring Sebastien wiggling his cute ass to a song Go Dreamer had worked on.

A few weeks later Go Dreamer asked us to get him some footage for his next video.

A few days later we found ourselves at our photog friends house (Janneke Storm) tryin to figure out how the fuck to use a green screen & some lighting we had borrowed from another friend of ours. A few sensual rocks back & forth on a horse & some incredible dance moves later we had ourselves some footage to send off to Atalnta via the interweb.

Now about 6 months or so later we have made it to YouTube.



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