Alex Gilbert

‘We are young’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Gilbert / Stylist: Emilie Lacoursiere / Model: Frederique / Model: Lensley / Model: Lea / Model: Una
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Alex Gilbert ‘We are young’

Photographer, Alex Gilbert & Stylist, Emilie Lacoursiere pull together a Montreal dream team including genius makeup duo, the Alper sisters, for this stunning beauty story.

“We set a day of shooting in Montreal with a bunch of new faces models. It was winter & (it still is) really cold in the studio but everyone was so fun & good vibes. Drinking coffee all day & glitters everywhere. The Alper sisters are good creative hair & makeup artists, always full of colours. Alex is really talented also, good team on this shoot. Every models had their own style & we just put them all together to make this Editorial.”

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