Chris Wilson

‘Weather or not’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Chris Wilson / Model: Laura Bella Evans / Model Management: IMG Models / Stylist: Queen Justine Vintage / HMUA: Lianne Claire
Weather or not: 1/13
Weather or not: 2/13
Weather or not: 3/13
Weather or not: 4/13
Weather or not: 5/13
Weather or not: 6/13
Weather or not: 7/13
Weather or not: 8/13
Weather or not: 9/13
Weather or not: 10/13
Weather or not: 11/13
Weather or not: 12/13
Weather or not: 13/13

Chris Wilson ‘Weather or not’

‘Weather or not’ is our latest series by Chris Wilson & his awesome team of Sydney creatives. Australian weather has been anything but predictable this Summer but as they say, the shoot must go on.

“When doing a summertime shoot in Sydney you hope for clear blue skies and water with a temperature comfortable enough to explore. Unfortunately this isn’t always the way it pans out, but that can make for some interesting imagery. This was one of those unpredictable Sydney days that constantly rained on & off but fortunately the location made it work. This is what we ended up with.”



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