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Dudi Ben Simon ‘What is art?’

It is a pleasure to welcome anew contributor up here in Dudi Ben Simon, a top creative executive at an ad agency signed on many familiar campaigns in Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Working in advertising by day, my ideas are driven toward a goal & my work is done within marketing formats- through this creation I find that there are no limits to the world & Instagram as a platform provides an entirely new way to access this kind of art. Artists once had to first acquire elite critics & huge collectors before stepping into museums & reaching the masses.
But with Instagram as my visual art gallery, my followers become critics & collectors, witnessing the creative process in real time.

My style is drawn from ready-made art. Since I was in high school studying the history of art I was fascinated with what can be made by using objects & daily pieces as art (when they are disconnected from their original use). In my opinion, it broadens the conventional way of thinking in regards to what it art, especially in a time when product & design are important. I have used this technique in previous campaigns.

In most cases, I see an object that I relate to (design, shape, colour or meaning) & then it’s a matter of minutes until the idea is born. When I take a picture of people the process is similar, it usually involves the way they look today (what they wore, their hair). By the way, it usually involves the same people that know my craziness & understand my ideas.

I haven’t studied photography in a formal way.  My work is based on trial & experiments, I use daylight rather than manufactured lighting. I connect to cleanliness & simplicity & feel that this process creates a personal statement that is a signature to my work.”



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