Warwick Gow

‘When I’m with you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Warwick Gow / Model: Emily Beardmore / Model: Maya King
When I’m with you: 1/5
When I’m with you: 2/5
When I’m with you: 3/5
When I’m with you: 4/5
When I’m with you: 5/5

Warwick Gow ‘When I’m with you’

This was the first time Brisbane beauties, Emily Beardmore & Maya King had ever met, but this beach series, beautifully captured by Warwick Gow on a perfect Sunshine Coast day, would have you think they’ve know each other for years!

‘When I’m with you’ is another feature to celebrate the divine, cherished, magical, unmatched, relationships between women.



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