Munster Photography

‘While you were gone’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Munster Photography / Model: Hanasha
While you were gone: 1/6
While you were gone: 2/6
While you were gone: 3/6
While you were gone: 4/6
While you were gone: 5/6
While you were gone: 6/6

Munster Photography ‘While you were gone’

Obviously this series was going to be stored up for sexy Saturday! This might be the sexiest smoke break I’ve ever seen! Last time I smoked a joint I peeped the mirror hoping it looked something like this, but much to my disappointment, IT DID NOT!

Yew Mun of Munster photography has given us some of my favourite #PostMyPicSticks pics, so I knew he would deliver the goods! Here is what he told us about his shoot with Hanasha, which took place in a colonial styled mansion located on the outskirts of Bangkok…

“When I first saw Hanasha, I knew I wanted her in front of my lens. I was drawn to her tanned bronze skin, jet black hair and remarkably alluring features. She is a work of art. A statuesque being. An impeccable transgender. I was mesmerized. Hanasha is an epitome who will redefine beauty for a new generation of trans and non-binary Asian women.”




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