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Jesse Dvorak ‘White widow’

LA creative, Jesse Dvorak brings us stunning new work. This is ‘White widow’ starring Miranda Savoie.

“It was a typical day in L.A. I awoke dazed on a curb in Silverlake, my head pounding. Fortunately, my camera was still there, under the pile of empty cans of Budweiser, bottles of whiskey & tattered comic books. Apparently my debt collectors had not thought to abscond my prized possession from the night before.

So I grabbed my camera & began walking. From the other side of a fence I saw this beautiful, aqua glow, so I hopped the fence to refresh myself in the luxury estate pool. When I lifted my drenched face from the water, before me was a majestic woman. Slackjawed, I stared. The phone in her hand & threat to call the police was betrayed by the look of wanting in her eyes. Without a thought I raised my camera to capture her essence. The tension dissipated from fear into the magic of two like-minded spirits creating art. After a few hours of an unspoken waltz of a photoshoot, I bid farewell, hopped the fence from whence I came, & never looked back.

She said her name was Miranda.”



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