David Walker

‘White wine, no cork’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: David Walker / Model: Alexis Lucy / Stylist: Alexis Lucy
White wine, no cork: 1/7
White wine, no cork: 2/7
White wine, no cork: 3/7
White wine, no cork: 4/7
White wine, no cork: 5/7
White wine, no cork: 6/7
White wine, no cork: 7/7

David Walker ‘White wine, no cork’

Having trouble staying in one place for too long, David Walker hopped on a plane from the East coast to visit his favorite city of Los Angeles, otherwise known as La La Land. David met up with artist, model & long-time friend, Alexis Lucy & created three characters.

“Tucked away in Hollywood hills, Rhonda, Jackie , Lucy & I walked through the streets with nothing but a camera & one solo cup of white wine filled to the brim. Rhonda’s tired, Jackie’s wired & Lucy’s ready to rock.

What’s one thing these chicks have in common? They all live within one vessel that is artist/model Alexis Lucy.”



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