Wild Oleander: 1/5 Wild Oleander: 1/5
Wild Oleander: 2/5 Wild Oleander: 2/5
Wild Oleander: 3/5 Wild Oleander: 3/5
Wild Oleander: 4/5 Wild Oleander: 4/5
Wild Oleander: 5/5 Wild Oleander: 5/5

Kristin Gallegos ‘Wild Oleander’

Kristin Gallegos brings us her latest vintage inspired series with her muse, Foster James.

“Foster James is probably my main muse! Since meeting her & shooting her for my first editorial shoot for Valfre, we have shot together many times & she has become the only girl I shoot for the brand. Aside from being a model, she is a very talented up & coming musician. She has an incredible voice! We just really work together well, she is a dream subject! I stumbled across this dream location, Wild Oleander, & got lucky enough to be able to shoot there. Wild Oleander is a 70’s inspired nail salon in Brooklyn. I thought it really complimented the clothing super well. Being that it had a floral & plant wallpaper theme & the fact that it was super 70’s. We had an amazing morning listening to music from the 60’s & 70’s as per usual to set the vibe. With my background in beauty I gave Foster a very strong cat eye to go with her new short hair. We had a blast hanging out, catching up, dancing & shooting!”

Wardrobe; Valfre, Stuart Weitzman, Public Desire, I’m With The Band.



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