Joelle Rosen

‘Wild west east’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Joelle Rosen / Model: Ali Bryant / Make-up Artist: Ali Bryant / Stylist: Joelle Rosen / Stylist: Ali Bryant
Wild west east: 1/11
Wild west east: 2/11
Wild west east: 3/11
Wild west east: 4/11
Wild west east: 5/11
Wild west east: 6/11
Wild west east: 7/11
Wild west east: 8/11
Wild west east: 9/11
Wild west east: 10/11
Wild west east: 11/11

Joelle Rosen ‘Wild west east’

Joelle Grace Rosen & Ali Bryant trekked into North Georgia on a windy afternoon to find open land & empty lots splashed with color.

“Ali’s energetic effortlessness draped in vintage in front of the camera made the surroundings cater to her every look & movement. The sun began setting the scene with the perfect bounce of light as we found creativity in the abandonment.”



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