Brooke Olimpieri

‘Wild west’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Shelly Fuentes / Wardrobe: Exile Boutique / Wardrobe: Lee Jeans / Wardrobe: Hot As Hell
Wild west: 1/13
Wild west: 2/13
Wild west: 3/13
Wild west: 4/13
Wild west: 5/13
Wild west: 6/13
Wild west: 7/13
Wild west: 8/13
Wild west: 9/13
Wild west: 10/13
Wild west: 11/13
Wild west: 12/13
Wild west: 13/13

Brooke Olimpieri ‘Wild west’

Whenever Photographer, Brooke Olimpieri & her muse, Shelly Fuentes get together to shoot they make gold! Absolutely adore their latest series, ‘Wild West’.

“Shelly and I decided to go back to our roots, where it all began… The big beautiful desert, our back yard. We drove out west (10 min drive), found a great dirt road leading up to beautiful mountains. We opened all the doors of my Prius, blasted some Peaches on Pandora, sipped on some tequila, & started fucking around. With my trunk full of vintage & other fine things, & my 35mm camera with a fresh roll of film, there was no where to go but up.”



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