Holly Brown


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Holly Brown / Model: Romy / Stylist: Sanga Kim / HMUA: Sanga Kim
Win-win: 1/11
Win-win: 2/11
Win-win: 3/11
Win-win: 4/11
Win-win: 5/11
Win-win: 6/11
Win-win: 7/11
Win-win: 8/11
Win-win: 9/11
Win-win: 10/11
Win-win: 11/11

Holly Brown ‘Win-win’

A transplant to Los Angeles from the cornfields of Ohio, Holly is a photographer with a deep interest in music, art, fashion, social justice & good hearted people. For her debut feature Holly met with the beautiful, Romy.

“The Pacific Design Center in LA was one of those buildings I constantly drove past & each time a little bit more of an idea for an image would pop into my mind. I was so excited to actually do a shoot outside of it with a dope model & makeup stylist. We began the day driving through Los Angeles, listening to our model, Romy’s awesome rap music, which I learned is her main passion & dream (her stage name is deathbyromy, check her out). It was one of those leisurely shoots where things just clicked, & parking ended up being extra cheap. A win-win all around.”



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