Alexa King

‘Wings of desire’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / Model: Katarina Pavic / HMUA: Janice Kinigopoulos
Wings of desire: 1/7
Wings of desire: 2/7
Wings of desire: 3/7
Wings of desire: 4/7
Wings of desire: 5/7
Wings of desire: 6/7
Wings of desire: 7/7

Alexa King ‘Wings of desire’

Blessing us with new work & some stunning halloween inspo, here is ‘Wings of desire’ by our New Orleans girl, Alexa King.

“This shoot was so fun because my mom did hair & make up & Katarina (model) is my brothers girlfriend. It was a family affair. We also shot this in my hometown at this creepy church I would always drive by on the way to school. I really wanted to shoot there. We had Katarina in her undies on a church lawn chain-smoking, a sheriffs car looked over & just kept driving. We couldn’t believe both times we didn’t get in trouble. The trouble is half the fun!”



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