Alie Layus

‘Winter heat’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Alie Layus / Model: Paige Alicia / Wardrobe: Rat and Boa
Winter heat: 1/12
Winter heat: 2/12
Winter heat: 3/12
Winter heat: 4/12
Winter heat: 5/12
Winter heat: 6/12
Winter heat: 7/12
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Winter heat: 9/12
Winter heat: 10/12
Winter heat: 11/12
Winter heat: 12/12

Alie Layus ‘Winter heat’

What do you do when a bunch of awesome clothes from Rat & Boa turn up on your doorstep? If you were Cali based photographer, Alie Layus you would plan a bunch of awesome shoots, starting with this one. Here is what Alie told us about her day with blonde bombshell, Paige Alicia…

“Paige and I are true California girls, born and raised. We both grew up on the beach in Southern California. I was moving around a lot the past few years because of work, but I recently moved back to the beach again and now I spend as much time as possible near the water because I missed it so much!

Even though it’s the dead of winter right now, the sun came out and the day got pretty warm.. So I called up Paige and we met up in a little beach town just north of where I live. We spent the afternoon roaming around, shooting some film, eating burgers and watching the sunset. Such a simple but perfect day!”

Cannot wait to see what she does next!



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