Marta Brodacka

‘Winter wonderland’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Marta Brodacka / Assistant: Ash K Halliburton / Model: Antonio / Model Management: Anti-agency / Stylist: Jariel Ann Tan / Make-up Artist: Grace Ellington
Winter wonderland: 1/9
Winter wonderland: 2/9
Winter wonderland: 3/9
Winter wonderland: 4/9
Winter wonderland: 5/9
Winter wonderland: 6/9
Winter wonderland: 7/9
Winter wonderland: 8/9
Winter wonderland: 9/9

Grinch in Winter Wonderland from martabrodacka on Vimeo.

Marta Brodacka ‘Winter wonderland’

Inspired by Grinch & set in London’s Winter Wonderland during the festive season, this is our debut feature from Marta Brodacka.

“Grinch reminds us that values celebrated only during the xmas season should be cultivated all year round.”

Brands featured; Marie Maisonneuve, Martin Kejser.



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