Grizz Lee

‘Without you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Grizz Lee / Director: Grizz Lee / Director of photography: Carlos Mason / Production: Frosting LA / Model: Meredith Mickelson / Model Management: LA Models
Without you: 1/8
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Grizz Lee ‘Without you’

Set on the beautiful Venice Beach on one of the last days of summer, Grizz Lee brings us his latest awesome fashion story styled by LA rapper, Lil Debbie.

“It was fun working with Lil Debbie as a stylist since I know her primarily as a rapper/artist from our work together on her music videos. She is usually the subject of my work, so it was cool seeing her work behind the scenes & apply her impeccable unique style to a new subject. That subject being Meredith, who is so cool already. So adding clothes from Debbie’s closet and her personal selection of underground LA brands only elevated the cool to a new level.

Claire Curameng’s makeup looks continued to elevate this shoot even further. Her skills are impeccable. She is a true artist. She basically painted these little artworks on Meredith’s eyelids. These paintings on the eyes represent the concept of looking forward & having a positive, hopeful outlook. Like looking at the future through rose coloured glasses.

Carlos Mason did an awesome job operating the camera & creating a dope flow in his shots. We had this idea to create a photo/video story that was sort of like the building blocks for memes. I added some little captions in the film to tell the story of lost love. But I think the photos & film are up for interpretation. It represents a mood or a feeling. Moving forward & not looking back.

Featured brands: Nothing New, Mondaysuck, Dakkar Studios, Mell Rosales, Vans.

Special Thanks to: LA Models, New York Models, Rhiyen Sharpe, Ricky Nicola & Frosting LA.



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