Boubacar Aziz Dembélé

‘Woke up like this’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Boubacar Aziz Dembélé / Model: Anna Francesca / Model Management: Tempo Models
Woke up like this: 1/6
Woke up like this: 2/6
Woke up like this: 3/6
Woke up like this: 4/6
Woke up like this: 5/6
Woke up like this: 6/6

Boubacar Aziz Dembélé ‘Woke up like this’

The best photos always get a physical or emotional (or both) response from poeple. Just try look at this series without yarning! ‘Woke up like this’ found its way to us from Berlin via photographer, Boubacar Aziz Dembélé & stars Anna Francesca. How does anyone look this cute yarning?



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